Black Crack AAA+ (1oz)


Black Crack AAA+ (1oz)

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Black Crack cannabis strain is a powerful hybrid that consumers say can take you to another place. It’s noted for its psychedelic effects that at times can feel similar to an acid trip, with colorful visuals and sharpness of senses.

Those who have tried Black Crack weed say the deep relaxation from its GDP heritage combines with a sativa energy; all these traits synergize to create an experience some call trippy. Reviewers also share that this strain gives nice visual effects and can be a mildly psychedelic kind of high. Light green buds are dense with a light trichome layer.

Not for the faint of heart, Black Crack THC levels range from 20% to 25%. Cannabis newcomers want to keep in mind it is a potent strain when considering dosing.

Black Crack strain has a fruity and berry aroma and a mild sweet exhale with lemon undertones. Predominant terpenes limonene and myrcene combine to make this a well-balanced Indica hybrid.

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