Cali Kush AAA (1oz)

Cali Kush AAA (1oz)

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Only 1 left in stock

California Kush is a nice, well rounded hybrid strain which is Indica dominant. It has nice large compact buds with a large number of leaves. The flowers will appear with the color light green mixed with a light ice type blue, and as a bonus, has trichomes scattered throughout. The aroma of the buds themselves are a fruity and somewhat citrusy smell, mixed with dark coffee undertones, all of which are present in the taste of the smoke. When smoking Cali Kush, spiciness replaces the fruity smell, and the coffee aroma is much more prominent. The side effects are nice and balanced, leaving you feeling happy, lazy, and sleepy but without giving you couchlock. Whilst it is mostly used for stress medically, its seen a lot of use to treat insomnia, pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. The reported downsides include dry eyes and dry mouth, but dizziness and headaches are possible in some users. Some people have had the opposite occur, where instead of reducing anxiety, it increases it instead.

1 review for Cali Kush AAA (1oz)

  1. Brian Peltier (verified owner)

    Way better than I expected!! It almost reminds me of master Kush and for the price point I would jump on it as soon as I could. The ash is nice and white, it tastes good, the buds are nice, crystals all over it and gives you a very nice buzz, and it takes a lot for me to like certain strains even if other people think they’re great. anybody that reads this if it’s still available I would be grabbing one for yourself!!! I really didn’t even wanna write a review just in case I wanted to grab more LOL I wanted it to be there for myself lol…very pleased. It’s way better than strains on here for 140 or $150 the skunk Kush that I paid more for I don’t even really want to smoke and I still have the purple Kush from a month ago that nobody wants to smoke because it does absolutely nothing

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