OG Shroom (1oz)


OG Shroom (1oz)

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One of the key features of the OG strain is the rate at which it matures. The mushrooms mature slowly, meaning it takes longer than some other strains to start sporulating. OG shrooms can be harvested a day or two after the veil breaks without worrying about the gills dropping a shed-load of spores over the fruiting chamber.

Mushroom Potency

The potency of psilocybe mushrooms depends mainly on their growing conditions. Yet, some strains and species may more consistently produce more significant amounts of psilocybin than others—but there’s not a lot of research yet.

Mushroom Dosage

The most important thing to understand when thinking about dosing OG mushrooms is that they—as with psilocybin mushrooms in general—can be extremely potent. Everyone’s experience with mushrooms will be unique. Aside from set and setting, your personal body chemistry will impact the experience. Most psilonauts follow the adage “start low, go slow,” particularly for those with limited psychedelic experience.

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